CPF - US congress have decided that women should be included in any Military draft, is the UK far behind?

Tuesday, 21st July 2020

A US Congress national commission has ruled that all Americans ages 18 to 25 — not just men as currently required — would have to register with the government in case of a military draft. As women have increasingly taken on a larger presence in military life and culture — making up about 17 percent of US forces — it is deemed ‘necessary and fair’ to expand the registration process to include all Americans in the event of a draft. In the event our nation requires more troops than we hold in the regular and reserve armed forces conscription could be an option. In the UK we call a draft, conscription.

The main opposition centres on sending our mothers and daughters to fight in hand to hand combat. Not all women are mothers, and not all mothers may want to stay at home.

The modern military is far more than hand to hand combat, over half is made up of logisticians, cyber security, engineers and administrators. All of these functions will need to be filled in the event of conscription.