BCA summer celebration

We will be having a Summer Celebration event on the 13th July at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre. TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT – CONTACT ASH@BRACKNELLCONSERVATIVES.ORG.UK TO ENQUIRE.

Below is a letter from the President of the Association, Rob Stanton, with regards to the event and an update on the BCA.

Many thanks,



Dear Party Members,

I have decided to send this to all members as an update on a couple of important issues.

I plan to give further details as we move forward but there are a couple of dates I would ask you to lodge in your diaries.

As you are all aware the Association is finding finance a challenge which has a long-term level of concern to me and no doubt you.

Two key reasons for the rapid drop in financial performance are our declining membership which is of serious matter to me.

More of that at the executive meeting.

Another area of concern is the lack of cash raising events which we have not done well with.  An example was last autumn where we had planned a Christmas Dinner but a really poor take up rate resulted in cancellation.  However, a non-refundable deposit of £500 had been paid to Easthampstead Park which we are in danger of losing as we have to take up an event by July 13thor lose the money.

This is a serious situation which I am not prepared to accept such a write off without trying to rescue it with a summer event.

Therefore, we are proposing a summer event on the 13thJuly at Easthampstead Park which will include a summer buffet plus wine and soft drinks.

I am delighted to confirm that Philip Lee will be in attendance and has kindly agreed to pay for the wines and soft drinks.

In addition, I am in the process of arranging some entertainment for our evening plus a raffle and other surprise events to make it different. It is a summer party to enjoy.

Full details will follow shortly but I am going to be honest and say we need the support of you, your branch, our friends and you can take this as a plea from the Association President that I need your support and really am asking you to do so.

It is our Association and we need to support it, to support you, elections, CPF which we plan to relaunch this autumn and ensure we continue to enjoy success locally.

We are also looking at other events for the autumn but more of that later

JULY 13th Is a very important day so please do what you can to support.

Just think all this for £20 per head 

Full details will follow but the purpose here is to:

Inform you of the current situation

Get the date in your diaries

Rob Stanton.
Bracknell Association President