Bracknell Forest Local Council Tax Benefit Scheme

Dale Birch, executive member for adult social services, health and housing, said: “In launching this scheme I want to make two things clear; firstly all Bracknell Forest pensioners entitled to support will be no worse off than under the old scheme."

“Secondly this new scheme has been created to be fair and equitable. During the summer, we went out to consultation on the scheme and listened hard to what residents, agencies and stakeholders told us they wanted to see. This new scheme is a result of that consultation and feedback and it aims to balance the competing pressures in the light of reduced funding.

"The new scheme rewards working households and support will be given to those in need. However, the means-testing will ensure that if residents do have the means to pay for their Council Tax, then they will be required to do so.”

Residents who will be affected by the changes to the benefits scheme will be notified in writing in March. To find out more information, visit or call your benefits assessment officer on 01344 352010.

Some households will receive less council tax benefit next year.  The council have redesigned services so that it can provide advice to households about how they can maximise their income so they can pay their Council Tax bill.