Dale Birch’s 100 mile route to raise money for BCA election campaign

The Wiltshire 100 Endurance cycle ride 7th September 2014

The Wiltshire 100 is an organised cycle ride of 100 miles around Wiltshire

Dale Birch will attempt to ride the route to raise money for Bracknell Conservative Association fighting fund. Your sponsorship will make all the difference to the next election campaign in 2015 when we have both the General Election and local elections at the same time.

You can sponsor by the mile or by lump sum. There are a number of ways to pay from cash, cheque (payable to BCA), or PayPal. You can take a sponsorship form and raise money on Dale’s behalf. Please note that all funds raised will be for the local Conservative Party election fighting fund only. The election fighting fund ensures we maintain high quality campaign material, our website and social media public presence, printing and other items necessary to ensure we win as many seats as possible to continue the excellent work of all our Conservative controlled Councils.

For those who are interested in the technical stuff Dale will be riding a Cannondale Synapse 105 Carbon road bike, it weighs about 15lb’s. 

Dale’s training schedule is established to build up power and sustain energy levels in 30 mile blocks with a leg cadence set to establish an average speed of 14mph. The route will have up to 4 feed stations. Dale’s resting heart rate is around 57 bpm which during the ride will reach peaks of over 140 bpm depending on the gradient of a climb, the biggest climb come at 90 miles out. During the event he will climb over 4000 feet and use over 5000 calories and will shed about 3/4lb’s in weight. He will carry in his Camel-back about 2 litres of hi carb drink as well as Gill’s home-made high energy flapjacks, small Mars bars, and a couple of bananas along with spare inner tubes a puncture kit and a first aid kit.

The things that cause most problems during a ride are:

  • The weather because rain/cold causes the body to use more energy, the rain also washes small flint shards into the road that causes punctures, the wind also means more energy is expended.
  • Less experienced riders and other road users.
  • Energy levels and motivation.

If you would like to sponsor Dale, please do it through our PayPal account