Low Crime and Disoder

Crime and disorder in Bracknell Forest is low and over recent years has reduced. 

The Community Safety Partnership has been in place since 1998. Partner agencies Bracknell Forest Council, Thames Valley Police, Thames Valley Police Authority, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and NHS Berkshire East  all work together to make Bracknell Forest a safer place. The  Partnership recently surveyed residents from across the borough about their fear of crime. The results show that residents of Bracknell Forest feel extremely safe. Interestingly the current crime figures show crime is lowest in those places where residents feel the most worried.

Conservative councillor Iain McCracken, the executive member for culture, corporate services and public protection, said "The reality is that we are a low crime borough and the figures show crime is falling still further. The survey questioned people from all ages and backgrounds and has given us a full picture which we will now use to help ensure people are safer and, equally importantly, feel safer."

One of the key reasons for the lowering of crime is the Offender Management system employed by the Police. This system actively targets and works with offenders encouraging them to engage with various services such as New Hope and the Probation service. In the New Hope centre we have the best drug and alcohol abuse centres in the area.