Reopening of the BCA Office

As you will remember, we closed our office for a while around Conference week so we could attend, what turned out to be a very interesting, Party Conference and also undertake a reorganisation of our office. If you’re familiar with the old office layout, or even if not, take a look at the changes we’ve made to incorporate working, meeting and presentation areas.

I think you’ll agree this layout will work very well as the hub of Conservative activity in our Constituency.

Both Conference and reorganisation are now behind us and we will be re-opening the office to Members and visitors Monday to Friday.  Office opening for member access will be 9:30 to 12:30 until we have recruited a new office administer

We’d also like to make the best use of this asset and encourage Members to visit us to chat about issues which interest them and to meet others at a regular series of Coffee mornings each Tuesday and Thursday between 10.00 and midday.

I hope to be able to welcome you to the first of these Coffee Mornings on Tuesday 15 October