Crowthorne Parish Council by-election 2017 – meet our candidate James Kay

“Crowthorne Parish Council really does a great job for our community. I’d like to help the successful team continue to make Crowthorne a great place to live”. James Kay

Meet James

Local family man James has lived in Bracknell and now Crowthorne for thirty years. His two children, now both at university, have grown up, and gone to school locally.

James is a senior manager in a local IT service company. His first job was at Hewlett Packard’s Pinewood site. He has helped establish a number of local businesses.

His family have two dogs Bramble (a Labrador) and Joey (a Lab/Collie cross rescue dog). It’s his regular walks through the wonderful woodlands around Crowthorne with his dogs that inspired James to “get involved” because he is passionate about the environment.

James has recognised that the new housing in and around Crowthorne will bring changes to the village and will require better services and infrastructure to ensure Crowthorne’s unique community atmosphere is maintained.

He will work to ensure that Crowthorne will always be a nice place to live for people of all ages.

As we approach the Christmas season James and his family wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

James says: “As we see all the change happening in and around the village it’s important that we make sure our local infrastructure can cope. Those houses that are built under the new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will provide the parish council with much needed money for infrastructure. This money will need to be targeted at the right things. Our Neighbourhood Plan will be critical in helping preserve our unique identity and sense of place. I hope you agree with me that we must focus on our environment and special character so that residents of all ages can continue to enjoy living here.”

James is committed to:

  • Working with the council team to ensure Crowthorne stays a great place to live work and play.
  • Working with all council colleagues on Parish and Borough Councils to get the right infrastructure and services for Crowthorne.
  • Getting out and about in the village to meet people and feedback to them on the local issues that matter. and
  • Making sure what ever we do is affordable, focused on local

** Download our campaign leaflet below.

Election date:

Polling date: Thursday  23rd of November 2017 (7am – 10pm)

For more information about voting, please visit the Crowthorne Parish Council’s website.

This by election is caused by the sad death of Conservative Councillor Jack Bolton. Jack served Crowthorne for 10 years and was active on many committees and projects. He worked on the replacement of the High Street planters and new seating. A plaque has been placed on one of the seats In his memory.

RIP Councillor Jack Bolton


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