About Us

Bracknell Conservative covers the Bracknell Parliamentary Constituency, including Crowthorne, Finchampstead, Sandhurst and Wokingham Without.

Every area served by a Borough or District Council is divided up into a number of areas called wards. A council ward usually covers a few thousand households and is represented by two or more councillors, depending on its size. The Bracknell Parliamentary Constituency falls mostly within Bracknell Forest Borough Council although three wards are in Wokingham Borough and some Windsor Constituency wards are included in Bracknell Forest Borough.

The Conservative party’s values

To improve the quality of life for everyone through:

  • A dynamic economy, where thriving businesses create jobs, wealth and opportunity.
  • A strong society, where our families, our communities and our nation create secure foundations on which people can build their lives.
  • A sustainable environment, where we enhance the beauty of our surroundings and protect the future of the planet.