Conservative Women's Organisation

The CWO is...

  • The grassroots network that provides support and focus for women in the Conservative Party
  • Reaching out to women in all parts of the community
  • Campaigning on issues of particular concern to women both nationally and internationally
  • Encouraging women to be politically active and to get elected at all levels
  • Ensuring that the women's perspective is taken into account because women see things differently to men
  • Helping the Conservative Party capture the women's vote

Chairman's Message from Julie Iles

Thank you for finding out more about the Conservative Women's Organisation.

The CWO offers a focus and support for all women whose beliefs and values are in sympathy with today's modern Conservative Party. They can establish contact, learn about Conservative viewpoints and contribute to the discussion about the issues that will influence future Conservative policy.

The CWO also encourages and supports women who may wish to become involved at all levels of public life or in their local communities: From school governors to public appointments or other voluntary activities. The CWO is there to help support Conservative candidates, but especially women - as Councillors or as Parliamentary Candidates. We can provide training, mentoring and speaking opportunities.

If you are a woman and a member of the Conservative Party, then you are a member of the Conservative Women's Organisation. Our members form a countrywide network of women of all ages and backgrounds, working together in a wide range of activities within the voluntary party.

Over the decades, society has changed and reduced the opportunities available for many women to engage together - they may be working, following professional development, running families - with less time for each. The CWO has responded to this, adapting meetings in length, time and place to cater for the variety of needs.

Over the last few years especially, the CWO has been developing its place in the new political environment, holding conferences, forums, panel and summit meetings to inform and examine the issues which are important to and affect women - the traditional core areas of health, education, caring for loved ones, all still vitally important to huge numbers of women; but also opening other areas such as violence towards women or the awareness that the status of women across the world can be very different from our own.

We are not feminists or ideologues - and there's not one blue rinse in sight! What we do is provide women with the opportunity to be involved in political discussion, in an environment where they feel included and heard.

Come and join in, get involved at whatever level you want, wherever you are in the country, in person or through the website. We look forward to meeting you at future events: Your contribution could make a difference for women living in Britain.

Julie Iles
National Chairman, CWO