Phillip King OBE passed away 22 January 2017

Aged 58, Phillip King OBE passed away at 0300 on Sunday 22 January, surrounded by his family.

Phillip King was elected as a Sandhurst Town and Borough councillor on 07 May 2015. Although he was a new councillor, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge from his many years of service in the Army both here and in his multiple postings abroad.

“Phillip hit the ground running and quickly engaged with our Bracknell Forest Officers on issues raised by our Central Sandhurst residents. Equally, he was quick to offer his contribution on the numerous committees along with attendance at our monthly PRG meetings,” says Central Sandhurst Borough Councillor Michael Brossard. “From my time working with Philip the expression ‘born leader’ springs to mind. He had a strong ethos on administration and organisation. This was evident at the time of the Police and Crime commissioner election when he allocated tasks to Branch members to ensure that all houses were canvassed.”

“Before Philip was diagnosed with a terminal illness he decided to move to Suffolk to be closer to his children and grandchildren. Although he could have undertaken the weekly commute to Bracknell, honourably he stood down so that a successor could be chosen. This is a reflection of the ethics to which he subscribed.”

“Aged 58, Phillip passed away too young, spending the last month of his life at St Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich. Phillip touched the lives many with whom he made contact – he will be missed by his many colleagues and residents.”